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Pattaya Redlight

An introduction to the main redlight adult oriented zones in Pattaya

Pattaya is a very popular city in Thailand and is well known for its entertainment venues. Since Google does not permit explicit details this will be a quick and general rundown.  As a tourist you should always do further research into these areas and anything more specific.  In this fast industry the rules will change over time.  There are some excellent websites out there which can provide more specific information. In this section I'll provide a small briefing on the four main adult entertainment venues in the city.  There are several other venues located in the city but they are not as established as the locations here.  These areas are also very distinct in their types of entertainment they provide.

So let's look at the map to the right and get to know this place.  I know the blogger only shows a small map there with a few landmarks and street illustrated.  If you click on the map with your mouse you will be able to display a much larger map which I would highly recommend printing out.  As most tourists will likely stay along Beach Street or Second street you can get to every venue by taking the baht buses for 10baht each way.  It is possible to walk between each of the main areas I've pointed out but it can take 15-30 minutes to get there.

Between all of these venues are a plethora of massage parlors, restaurants, malls, plazas, clubs, bars, gogos, and more scattered about. Just walking between all of these locations during the day and yield a ton of new entertainment during the day, and sometimes even the night.

WALKING STREET - This street can be found in the bottom left of the map.  For Pattaya this is the most well-known venue in town.  There are hundreds of bars, gogos, clubs, and restaurants within this area.  This area comes alive at night and stays active all night into the early hours of the morning.  There are neon lights everywhere and the streets have a healthy number of people walking down the middle.

While this is the main tourist area of Pattaya that means the prices here are likely to be higher overall than in other parts of Pattaya.  There is no doubt that the quality of the entertainment proves why it is more expensive along this venue.  Walking along the street it is common to see street entertainers, and bar staff trying to entice you to come in.  There are also smaller sois (alleys) along the main road with more entertainment venues down them.  Some of the more popular night clubs along the road include Insomnia, Mixx, 808, Marine, Lucifer, and more.

From you hotel make your way to Beach Street and you can find an endless supply of baht buses driving south to Walking Street.  Once the baht bus stops you need to hop on and grab a seat.  When you get to the end of the road the bus will stop around the corner, or you can press the buzzer to indicate you are ready to get off.  Don't forget to pay the driver the 10baht for the ride down.  The entrance to Walking Street should be fairly obvious with it's large neon sign over the road.

Boyz Town - For those of the other persuasion if you go just around Walking Street over to Second Street and then to Soi 13/4 you will find Boyz Town.  This is a compact gay area full of bars and clubs catering to the gay lifestyle.  If you're not sure if you are on the right street or not you only have to look up for their large neon sign to greet you.

SOI LK - This entertainment section can be found just north of Walking Street and to the right on the map.  This small block has a concentration of gogos and clubs along its streets.  While it is not as popular or as glitzy as Walking Street, Soi LK has its own charm and specializations.  Several of these clubs have been around so long they have created their own niche markets which is evident by their own special sign greeting visitors to the neighborhood.

Getting to Soi LK can be a bit tricky.  To get there you will need to take a baht bus from Second Street going north.  Once you have passed Soi 14 you will want to sound the buzzer and get off.  If you see Soi 11 then you have gone too far and will need to get off.  Between Soi 11 and Soi 14 is Soi Lengkee (Soi LK).  There isn't too much that looks special about this soi when you find it, but once you travel down the road you will see the infamous neon gateway greeting you (see graphic below). 

 SOI 6 - Traversing Soi 6 is a rite of passage for many in Pattaya.  One of the feats many try to accomplish is to start at one end of the street and get a drink in every bar until they reach the end of the Soi.  This is no easy task and should not be taken by the faint of heart, or stamina.  There is close to a hundred clubs, bars, and gogos along this side soi between Beach Street and Second Street. Walking down the street at night will entice many of the girls outside the clubs to try and lure you in with cat-calls and more.

Soi 6 can be reach from either Beach Street or Second Street.  If you are to the North of Soi 6 then get to Beach Street and take a baht bus south to Soi 6.  If you are to the South of Soi 6 then go over to Second Street and take a baht bus north to Soi 6. 

At night this area lights up like a hundred candles of club power.  There are a ton of girls hanging around the establishments looking for a good experience and someone to get close to.  They are definitely more laid back than Walking Street they make up for the glitz by their friendliness and specialization in short term dating.  If you're looking for a quick encounter then this is the recommended place to be.  Fair warning though, there a thousands of different girls to chose from and they're not shy about coming to you.

DRINKING STREET - This is one of the lesser known venues in Pattaya.  The whole place is set up like a giant beer barn with row after row of bars and pool tables as far as one can see.  All of the establishments are in an outdoor setting, but there is a roof so don't worry too much if it rains.  This area is quite a bit more laid back than any of the other venues we have gone over and can be a relief for those who just want to kick back and relax.  Be careful though as there are many girls in the place looking for more victims to take out on the pool tables or with their connect-four bar games.

Getting to Drinking Street should be tricky but many people wind up taking the baht bus north on Second street only to pass by it.  You'll need to pay attention on your right for the famous Drinking Street neon sign or you'll easily pass right by it. 
Always remember to party responsibly out there.

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