Saturday, November 12, 2016

price fix

Totally tossing my live report out the window and instead I'm going to change this to reflect what things cost in Thailand.  Use this as a guide for haggling or negotiating prices with.  None of these rates are set in stone but they are what I have come to expect over these many years.

Taxi Costs - The first rule is to never get into a cab unless they turn the meter on.  Sometimes you may find you have no choice in the matter and have to negotiate.  Or, if things go south you may need to rely on  your hotel to talk with the taxi driver about the fair.   This is a simple breakdown of some of the common costs around Thailand.  All fares also work when returning.

BKK airport to Downtown Bangkok - 400-500 baht, includes tolls
BKK airport to Pattaya - 800 baht
Downtown Bangkok to Pattaya - 1,200 baht

Shirt Costs - Generally this is how I stay clothed in the country and I barely bring any clothing with me.  When you arrive in the country there are a few good places to get shirts from.  The three shirt types I'll cover are the simple single-sided tshirts, fancier tshirts which are usually double sided or have something special about them, and the tailored pre-made work shirts.

Simple tshirts - 100 baht
Fancy tshirts - no more than 250 baht
Pre-made tailored shirts - 300 baht
Hard Rock tshirts - 1,050 baht

Collapsible luggage - 200-300 baht

DVDs - 100-200 baht

Clubs - Entry fees from nightclubs to bondage clubs to various drinking venues
BarBar  in Patpong - 1,500 baht
Insanity - 120 baht

Short Timers - Generally 2-hours of entertainment
Freelancer - 1,000-2,500 baht
Gogos - 2,000-4,000 baht

Long Timers - Generally all-night entertainment until the next day, sometimes breakfast
Freelancer - 2,000-3,000 baht
Gogos - 3,000-5,000 baht

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